Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Blues Lost The King

The legendary Riley Ben King, more known by his stage name "B.B. king", was one of the few blues legends and is widely known for upgrading the level of blues and taking it further from a simple music style to a lifestyle. B.B. King was not only a blues singer, but also a songwriter and a guitarist.

"The King of the Blues" 's illness was a concern to all his fans around the world after he canceled eight shows of his 2014 tour. Two weeks ago, the B. King announced on his website that he was home hospitalized as he was suffering from complications caused by blood pressure and diabetes in Las Vegas where he died in his sleep at the age of 89. 
B.B. King's legacy is still alive and he is considered as one of the most influential blues guitarists of ALL TIMES. He brought a flair to blues as he broke into the mainstream and became an icon. He received several awards including 15 Grammy's, a Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, and many other awards ...

He has also been to Morocco in 2010 at one of the most renowned music festivals in the industry - Mawazine Festival - where he gave an unforgivable performance and touched the hearts of thousands and thousands of fans from different ages and races.
To know more about the B. legend and his career, make sure to watch the "B.B. King : The Life Of Riley" Documentary.

Friday, May 1, 2015

A Tribute To Berber Women In Rabat

As an honor to the Traditional Moroccan Berber Woman, the National Library of Rabat will be the next destination for the international exhibition titled "Berber Women Of Morocco" from May 15 to July 15.

The exhibition was previously held in Paris at the "Pierre Bergé Foundation". After the French capital, it was Manama's turn to introduce its citizens to a culture they're unfamiliar with at the "National Museum of Bahrain".
The exhibition will open its doors in Rabat the 15th of May at the National Library of Rabat, and will be a total cultural load for people who doesn't know much about the Berber identity and the prestigious role of women in the Berber history knowing that they have been the guardians of traditions and language, and by that they have been ensuring the preservation of the tribes’s cultural heritage.
It's one of the Most Anticipated Exhibitions in the Capital City of Morocco, and people are waiting to be transported to the Berber Dimension with all the props that will be exhibited including traditional carpets, Jewelry, necklaces, originally exhibited from the collection of the "Jardin Majorelle"’s Berber Museum in Marrakech and The Quai Branly Museum in Paris. 
The doors of the exhibition are going to be fully open to everyone (FREE ENTRY)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Games Of Thrones Tour Coming To "Essaouira" And "Ait Ben Haddou"

The historic city of Mogador more known by the name of Essaouira is now the destination of HBO's hit TV series "Games Of Thrones" 's fans. As a celebration to the most awaited comeback of the TV show in its fifth season which is set to premiere tomorrow (the 12th of April 2015) in the U.S. and the day after in the U.K. and Australia, the “Best Travel Websites” award winner trip agency Zicasso offers an unforgivable trip to the most astonishing and breathtaking "Games Of Thrones" filming scenes including Essaouira City in Morocco.
The "Games Of Thrones" Tour is classified at the "Luxury Tours". Visitors will be fully loaded with an Andalusian energy at the beginning of the tour starting with the Andalusian Capital, Seville, and the two Andalusian Neighbors Osuna and Granada that are believed to have added THE flair it takes to make of the series an artistic exhibition.
Not only Essaouira was a scene for "Games Of Thrones" but also the "Ksar" of "Ait Benhaddou" that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. "Ait Benhaddou" transforms into "Yunkai" and "Essaouira" into "Astapor" which has been a longtime taking scenes for the final three episodes of the series.
Actors of the series were also spotted by paparazzis and fans in the city when they heard that the crew of "Games Of thrones" was filming in Morocco."Emilia Clarke" was seen in the ancient Medina of "Essaouira" while getting ready for her role as Dragon Princess Daenerys Targaryen

Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY Projects Are Coming Soon ... | FITW DIY

We are more than happy to announce to all of our readers that one of the most promising features that we have been working on since the beginning of the blog is finally being a reality : The DIY Community.
As some of you know, DIY stands for Do It Yourself. The projects will be a mixture of ones we create, ones we think are interesting to which we'll add our signature, and others YOU suggest.
We'll post weekly projects with a written guide that shows the full steps followed by pictures we'll take while processing the project. 
We will also upload the full video followed with instructions, needed material and where you can buy it (either online or in stores) in our YouTube Chanel where you can follow us by clicking HERE.
Once the "FITW DIY" will be set up, we'll inform you on our Facebook Page (click HERE) and every member of our Newsletters will receive a notification.